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Empowering Your Health Journey with Juniper Health & Fitness

Welcome to Juniper Health & Fitness, where we offer you a variety of circuit training, core strength Pilates, strength, core/stretch, and HIIT classes. We believe that everyone deserves to experience a healthy, active lifestyle, regardless of age or fitness level. Our experienced trainers help clients achieve their health and fitness goals while making sure they have fun doing it!


Our Story

Juniper Health & Fitness is home to a team of highly trained fitness professionals including Lauri, Stacey, and Joni. Our team is equipped to provide personalized fitness solutions to help you achieve your goals. Whether it's through group fitness classes, personal training, or bodybuilding, our team has you covered.

Meet The Team

Class Descriptions



Lets sweat! Join us for 1 hour of cardio, strength and core in this circuit training class designed for all levels and abilities! Bring a friend and get your sweat on!


Join us for a full body weightlifting workout. We will prioritize form while learning to lift heavy. This class is designed to increase lean muscle, strengthen your body and define your body composition. All levels are welcome!


This class will leave you breathless. This fast paced workout is designed to torch those calories, strengthen your body and your cardiovascular system. Modifications available to all levels!


This class will improve posture, flexibility, strength, balance & body awareness with key focus on the deep core muscles. To enhance exercises, weights, fitness circles, stability balls & Squishy balls may be incorporated. This is a great full body workout!


This class will begin with a 30 minute abs, hips, glutes and lower back workout followed by 30 minutes of relaxing stretch!
All levels welcome!!

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